Riso woman – Rising above the shackles of society to live in the moment

Riso Woman describes the life of an Indian married woman who finally realizes the true meaning of life and the purpose it fulfills.

Most Indian married women get stuck in the never ending vicious circle of life i.e. maintaining a household and working in case the women are employed. They tend to lose their focus on the essential things that life has to offer. Instead, they keep on flowing with the current of their everyday lives.

Every woman should feel free to live their lives according to their terms and wishes. Do not ever bow down to the aged customs and thought processes of the society. The Riso woman depicts a married Indian woman who finally realizes the loss of her limited and valuable time at the hands of her husband. The women in the video comprehend the real meaning of life and how important it is to live it to its fullest.

Riso Woman is a collaborative creation of Underdog & Voice of Ram. This ad campaign of Rice Bran Oil shows how to live life 100/100.

She stopped being a puppet and took the rope in her own hands. She decided to become the master of her cage.

The key message Riso Woman delivers is, always to be thankful and appreciate life. It also makes one understand the real journey which starts when a person finally gets the hang of life. The video is indeed an exemplary example of feminism in all its glory.

Film: Riso Woman
Website: http://www.kamanifoods.com/
Client: Kamani Foods
Agency: Underdog
Written by: Underdog Creative Team
Production House: Handloom Picture Company/ The Dzu Film Company
Producer: Aamir Uzeffa
Director: Ram Subramanian

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