#StubTheHabit This World No Tobacco Day 2017 – Say no to smoking

Say No To Smoking | Orient Electric urges people to #StubTheHabit in its new digital film on World No Tobacco Day 2017

In the world of YOLOs and Carpe Diem’s, we are somewhere losing sight of the world we are creating for our future generation. On World No Tobacco Day, Orient Electric has touched upon a harsh reality of being a wrong influence on children through its new digital film #StubTheHabit. The film begins with a small kid stylishly pulling off his father’s oversized coat in an attempt to imitate his father. He then tries on a tie with it, as the father secretly admires his son’s innocence from behind the door. In his effort to look more like his father, the kid picks up a pencil and starts to puff into it like it’s a cigarette. The sight baffles his father, as he realises what he’s been teaching his son subconsciously. He takes a conscience-stricken look at the burning cigarette in his hand and immediately stubs it and walks towards his son implying a new beginning of no smoking.

#StubTheHabit - Say No To Smoking

Good or bad, a habit is very simple to pick up and kids follow what they see their parents or people around them do. Through this digital film, Orient Electric smartly addresses the pertinent issue of smoking and relays the importance of being the right influence for our future generation by saying no to cigarette smoking. The film also resonates well with Orient Electric’s positioning of ‘Switch to Smart’ by urging people to switch to smarter ways of living.

Brand: Orient Electric
Digital Agency: DigitasLBi

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