Somany #NahiPhislenge

Have you ever slipped in life? On a slippery surface, a wet floor, or just a carelessly thrown banana peel? It hurts, right? But when we slip off our morals, etiquettes and responsibilities, it hurts us as a society, a nation. #NahiPhislenge is an initiative by Somany Slip Shield, India’s First Anti-Skid Tiles which urges us not to slip anymore. Find out how, with this heartwarming #NahiPhislenge story about loving our elders back.
These days, it is common in the cities to find the elderly managing through their days, all alone in the house. But what if they slipped, had a fall, hurt themselves? Shouldn’t we do something to make sure they feel safe, loved and cared for? After all, they never slipped from doing their best for us. Now, it’s our turn.

Campaign: Somany #NahiPhislenge
Brand: Somany Slip Shield Tiles
Communication Partners: RK Swamy BBDO, Delhi
Production House: Morse Code Films
City of Agency : Delhi
Client : Somany Ceramics

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