Tanishq introduces ‘Mirayah’, a vibrant jewellery range celebrating modern Indian women

They say life begins at 40! Re-discover yourself with Tanishq’s latest collection, Mirayah. Because for you, age is just a number.
Forget Sweet 16, Welcome Magical 40s.
Tanishq has launched a new campaign titled ‘Celebrate with Colours’, which is designed and conceptualized by Lowe Lintas.
A colourful life knows no age. It has little to do with wisps of grey and everything to do with attitude. Attitude that lets a woman live her life with more and more zest each passing year. A celebration of her independence, self-belief and experience. Inspired by the woman who stands for all of the above, Tanishq presents ‘Mirayah’.

Mirayah in Hebrew means lively and vibrant. It is all about a woman who feels free to celebrate every colour in her life. The colour and vibrancy of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and garnets meet the classic beauty of diamonds and pearls in this unconventional yet fun collection.

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