Tata Salt presents ‪’‎NamakKeWaastey‬’ – A Campaign to support Indian Olympic Contingent at Rio 2016

Cheer for Inderjeet Singh at Rio 2016 #NamakKeWaastey

He is the first Indian to win a medal at the World University Games. Inderjeet Singh is strong and determined. Your loud cheers can only make him stronger and go for glory even harder at Rio 2016.
Let’s all come together and cheer the loudest for Inderjeet Singh and the entire Indian Olympic Contingent #NamakKeWaastey

Shout for Babita Kumari at Rio 2016 #NamakKeWaastey

She’s the daughter of the Mahavir Singh Phogat. Her family is an inspiration to each and every Indian. She’s is proud to represent India at Rio 2016, the greatest sporting event of the world.
It’s our turn to shout out loud to support Babita Kumari and the entire Indian Olympic Contingent #NamakKeWaastey

Support Shiva Thapa at Rio 2016 #NamakKeWaastey

He became the youngest athlete to represent India at the 2012 Olympics. This time, he’s ready to come back stronger and fight for the country once again at Rio 2016.
Nothing can motivate an Olympian better than his/her own country coming out in numbers to showcase support.
It’s time to be loud and be heard. Let’s support Shiva Thapa and the entire Indian Olympic Contingent #NamakKeWaastey

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