Philips: “The Great Big Little Thank You”

A little thank you creates a big buzz for Domestic Appliances.

Philips Domestic Appliances wanted to boost their relationship with fans in social. Agency looked towards the home dynamic for the answer.

Caring for the home can be a thankless task. And yet a little gratitude can go a long way. So, Agency gave people the chance to make amends – with the ‘Great Big Little Thank You’.

The global campaign, run across the Philips DA social channels, invited people to say a #BigLittleThanks to family, friends and those dear to them.

An emotive video kicked off the campaign, closely followed by shareable posts and tweets. Fans were encouraged to share their messages of thanks. And they did just that – in their thousands!

#BigLittleHugeThanks to Philips for a fantastic campaign.

Agency: Iris-Worldwide
Source: iris-worldwide
Website: littlethankyou

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