UrbanClap breaks all stereotypes about the roles of men and women this International Men’s Day 2016

The latest advertising campaign by UrbanClap is a great example of breaking traditional stereotypes about the jobs and tasks performed by men and women. It is a clear example of creative advertising ideas because they have women in the video who have job profiles that are normally considered appropriate for men. This International Men’s Day 2016, UrbanClap wants to show that women are not with men because they need them but because they want to be with them. It is not a forceful decision imposed on them by societal pressure but a very thoughtful decision they have taken for themselves.

• It has women from the real world. So they are not fabricating any fictitious stories but have stories of real life superstars.
• It shows women taking up unconventional jobs and going against societal norms but still choosing to be with the man they love.
• It shows the importance of men in society in a very subtle way.
• It shows men have more value than merely providing security to women.
• It has a feminist approach to looking at the men in society.

This Men’s Day, UrbanClap takes an alternative and unconventional approach to showing that men are also very important and their role definitely goes beyond just providing financial and physical security to women. In today’s world, women are capable of protecting themselves and being financially independent but they still choose to be with the man they love. It is because they love them for who they are. Happy Men’s Day!

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