Showcases Heartwarming Travel Stories as a Part of #BookingHero Campaign

In November last year, – the global leader in accommodation and travel bookings – released a competition inviting entries from tourists to share their stories if they had ever been helped by a hotel professional in their journeys. To their surprise, lot of entries came in and this week, they released the winners with the help of three video spots documenting the experiences of the tourists and their #BookingHero.

Each story talks about how a professional took extra pain and trouble to make the lives of their guests easier and help them in trying times. The three films were shot with real characters who narrated their incident while revisiting the place where they had first encountered their ‘booking hero’. The hosts were asked to share their side of the story but they had no idea that at the end, their very memorable guests would pay them a surprise visit. All three videos capture the emotions and raw happiness of both parties beautifully.

One story is about a family visiting Scotland to discover their roots but finding themselves lost until their B&B owner decides to help them in tracking down their ancestral home. The other is about a beautiful bride in New York who finds herself without any help on her wedding shoot day but the hotel’s receptionist decides to give it her all to make the bride feel special. Last but not the least and possibly the most touching is the story about a pregnant host in Sri Lanka who, despite being a few days away from labor, decides to open her house to an injured couple and help them with sincerity. The grand prize winners (Karen from Scotland) got €25000 credits in their accounts whereas the next two top entries (Sudarshi from Sri Lanka and Alina from NYC) got €5000 credits in their accounts.

The films are honest and real, with narration from all the characters describing their journeys. They are shot to capture the amazing landscapes of the respective countries and also highlight the ratings that each host or hotel has achieved. It ends with the sweet message of how our journeys are made memorable with the efforts of each person – from the chauffer to the hotel manager- who make it their aim to provide us assistance and comfort. This campaign surely is a beautiful journey the world needs to see.

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