“This Coke is a Fanta, so what?” – Coca-Cola busts discriminatory expression

In a world riddled with prejudices, the LGBT community is often targeted with homophobic language. Unnecessary slurs and expressions that make fun of homosexuals exist all around the globe. The one widespread in Brazil is This Coke is a Fanta. It seems like an innocent joke from a distance but is far more than that.

This Coke is a Fanta | LGBT pride day

However, in a recent campaign, Coca-Cola put a 360-degree spin on the expression mentioned above. The beverage manufacturing company literally designed Coke cans with Fanta inside them. As detailed in the promotional video by David The Agency, relevant branding on the cans made the agenda obvious. The core message of the campaign was: This Coke is a Fanta, so what?

This Coke is a Fanta | Celebrate International LGBT+ Pride Day from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

As a result of the movement, the very expression that caused discomfort to homosexuals all over Brazil became a pride symbol. The campaign was even appreciated by the famous Brazilian LGBT singer, Pabllo Vittar. The new spin on This Coke is a Fanta was quite popular during the carnival as well.

All in all, Coca-Cola’s crusade against a widespread discriminatory expression gracefully achieved its desired goal. We feel that the community should embrace such campaigns with open arms!

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