Ekstra Bladet decided to reveal the racist agenda hidden behind the political agenda – Unmasking a racist agenda

A Unique campaign establishing the power of media and freedom of expression. Ekstra Bladet- Unmasking a racist agenda.

On June 2018, the Danish parliament announced that starting August 1st wearing Islamic veils in public will be an illegal act. The new law was not only discriminating towards Islamic women in Denmark but it was also a conflicting statement with the Danish constitution which states that “No Person shall by reason of his creed or decent be deprived of access to the full enjoyment of civic and political rights”

The team of Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid newspaper took the matter in their hands and decided to reveal the racist agenda hidden behind the political agenda. The law stated ban on Islamic veils and other garments until there is a recognizable purpose – for example cold weather or a costume party. The news tabloid, with complete compliance to the new law created a fictional event on Facebook called The longest masquerade party. This fictional event started from August 1st till as long as the law exist and was open for anyone to join. Once the user has clicked on “attending” she is exempted from the new law.

Viral impact of the campaign:
The smart move by Ekstra Bladet was supported by print ads and editorial stories in Ekstra Bladet. As a result, thousands of people signed up for the fictional event and huge amount user generated content was created on social media. The initiative became a national as well as international debate attracting various renowned celebrities, businesses, and others to collectively stand again this law.

Highlighting the dark side:
This campaign also draws world’s attention on the biased Western European attitude towards Islam. In last few years many European countries have declared similar laws restricting Islamic women to exercise their religious rights in one way or the other. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey of 15 countries in the region, only 25% of the people agreed that Muslim women should be given freedom to wear religious clothes, whereas rest displayed support for one or the other restriction on women wearing religious clothes. The campaign by Ekstra Bladet highlights that these government laws are hidden weapons targeted towards Islamic religion by limiting religious based activities in public.

We feel that the world is in need of such innovative marketing campaigns that help individuals transform their mindsets. We give thumbs up to Ekstra Bladet news tabloid for their innovative campaign which helps people raise valid question and act fearlessly. This campaign also re-emphasizes the role and contribution of media to society is a big way.

Advertiser: Ekstra Bladet
Campaign: Unmasking a racist agenda
Advertising Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Lead: Kenneth Kaadtmann
Art Directors: Sune Overby, Karl Kristian Krarup Kjaer
Copywriters: Niels Heilberg, Kenneth Kaadtmann
Photographer: Rasmus B Lind

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