Google Assistant and Artificial Intelligence – The future of simulated communication

So what exactly is Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant

It is a non-existent or a virtual assistant from the tech giant Google itself. Google Assistant as the name suggests helps you in searching your query quickly online or on your computer systems. Google Assistant is an AI at its heart. Android and iOS both are equipped to handle Google Assistant. It was released last year in the month of May by the CEO of Google Mr. Sundar Pichai. It is designed in such a way that the user can converse through their natural voice and accent. Also, one can use keyboard commands to operate the same.

What are the features which make Google Assistant handy?

Just say what you want.

You just need to say to Google Assistant about your need such as restaurants nearby or a nearby café. The Google Assistant will find the available restaurants and café’s near you. It will also provide the distance to the destination and any available reviews about the place. It means whenever you crave for anything; you just need to say out loud to the Google Assistant. Google assistant can also track your packages online.

It can translate any language out there.

We can all relate to the communication gap many of us experience when we go to a foreign land. But Google Assistant has kept you intact in that aspect as well. It can translate any phrase or word into your mother tongue. You just need to say the line and in which language you want to translate it. The Google Assistant will translate as well as speak out the translated line for you.
This feature is not quite developed yet. It will not recognize quick reading of the line or many phrases together and will stop working/processing.

It can read your morning news for you.

You have to say to Google Assistant that “read out the news for me” or “listen to news” or anything of like nature and it will speak out the news for you at the very same moment. You can edit the genre or channel of news according to your wishes by going to the Google Assistant options. You can also delete or change the default news outlets. It is an advantageous feature and also saves you from all the stain one’s eyes have to bear.

Can control apps and the connected appliances in a smart home.

You can open your apps and use it with just your voice commands. It comes in handy when your both hands are occupied. It takes the crown of the most used feature as well. You can call anyone without even touching your phone. How cool does that sound?

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant.
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Helps in keeping up your spirits.

You can share your mood with your virtual friend/companion. It will open up games or music etc. to light up your mood. It will take you to a funny joke if you are feeling sad. It can pick you up to an interesting thing like a poem in the case of boredom. You do not even have to download the game to enjoy it. You can do the same online which is a great addition.

Therefore, these are some features and benefits of using Google Assistant which one can utilize.

What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a medium by which machines can adapt themselves to a human environment. They will be able to have two-way communication, can understand the commands of the user and can also perform other functions like translation and searching online.
Some examples of greatest artificial intelligence in used today

Siri is an assistant on apple platform. It is much famed artificial intelligence which can search anything online with just your voice commands, can set the alarm clock, can also set a reminder, can help with directions, etc. It is one of the most famous AI in the world today.


Netflix is equipped with the latest technology making it highly predictable of your choices i.e. it will show those films and videos on top in accordance with the viewers watching habits and interests. As the database grows with time, the optimized results also get more profound.
The Amazon’s artificial intelligence (AI) is out on the market for quite some time now. It is standing on a point where it can predict your possible choices according to your shopping habits.


It is a car manufacturer which earns his bread and butter from its out of the box technology which is packed in their cars. It’s prediction talent, and its autonomous driving is the magnetic force which pulls customers to its doors.

Sundar Pichai

Mr. Sundar Pichai’s say on this technology
According to the CEO of Google, the Google Assistant is currently activated on more than hundred million devices. It is an exceptional accomplishment on the part of the Google. Almost 90% of the mobiles phones on earth which are powered by Android. Google Assistant is available on Marshmallow and Nougat.

According to the man of the hour, approximately twenty percent of the commands on android devices are made through voice. Sundar Pichai is looking to spread Google Assistant wide across the world in the near future. He is also looking at covering this technology on different operating systems including IOS.

There are more than a billion monthly users of Google’s seven products which are Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Search, and Android. He is eyeing at taking the Google Assistant to be the eighth service to hit the billion mark.

Artificial Intelligence

Google Assistant and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.
As more and more people are catching the fancy of this technology, it remains just a matter of time before it to become the necessity of every individual. More and more people are appreciating the efforts of Google in developing this product which motivates Google to go more steps further. As the clock keeps on ticking, the Google Assistant is also becoming smarter.

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“Machine learning and artificial intelligence are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago.” – Sundar Pichai CEO, Google Inc.

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