Fitness Enthusiasts Refuse to Give Up in MuscleBlaze’s New Campaign Ziddi Hoon Main

In a country like India, which is obsessed by academic milestones and stigmas, fields like fitness and sports often receive less attention. It is easy to judge someone who is passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyle but it is only because we refuse to understand their motivation and passion. MuscleBlaze has taken up the issue of this indifference and launched their powerful new campaign by the name Ziddi Hoon Main.

Their current campaign, which was released in the form of a digital film on March 18, is in line with their previous campaign titled ‘Tum Nahi Samjhoge’. The ad film showcases the backlashes that a person, who is obsessed with fitness and sports, has to face and how even today such careers don’t receive their due credit and respect. But people who want to follow the path of planned fitness regimes and regular exercises don’t give a heed to those who oppose them and remain set on their mission. The narration in the background is strongly worded and feels powerful and inspirational at the same time. They have beautifully placed their products in the midst of such an intense scenario.

Medulla India, the agency behind the previous campaign and DDB Mudra which has handled the digital mandate of MuscleBlaze in November last year, have collectively done an impressive work on the campaign as a whole. Fitness and gyming are often seen as glamorous fields but this ad film gives an emotional appeal to the whole issue at hand. Not only this, the film also goes an extra mile to break stereotypes related to gender, physical ability, religion, culture and backgrounds by showcasing that fields like sports and fitness don’t discriminate on the basis of any factor.

This will be the second big digital initiative for MuscleBlaze, after ‘Tum Nahi Samjhoge’. It is amazing to see a fresh outlook on this sphere of fitness. These campaigns are sure to broaden horizons and open the minds of people towards people who want to pursue such fields. Not only this, it will also help fitness and sports enthusiasts not give up in the face of adversity.

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