National Paralympic Committee of Portugal – Train With Me. #NoPity2016

It is often said that limits exist only in the mind. The fact that Paralympic athletes defy their limitations time and again is enough proof that the above statement is absolutely true. Months before the Brazil Olympics, a digital ad called Train with Me portrayed what it’s like to train with a blind runner. It was a part of the series of campaigns launched under #NoPity2016.

The promo was created by FCB Lisbon for the National Paralympic Committee of Portugal. It showcased a 28-year old Paralympic runner in one of his practice sessions. The campaign encouraged the general public to express their support for Paralympic athletes by standing by their side instead of pitying them.

Train With Me #NoPity2016 from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

The Most Difficult Sport #NoPity2016 from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

Stronger Than Fiber #NoPity2016 from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

We feel that the digital promo was mesmerizing because of its intimate design. Kudos to the art director for capturing the essence of being a Paralympic runner in such an intricate manner!

Agency: FCB Lisbon
Creative Director: Edson Athayde, Luis Silva Dias
Art Director: Ian Guimaraes
Copywriter: Victor Afonso
Additional Credits: Film Company: Bro
Director: Mario Patrocinio
Account Executive: Sonia Goncalves

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