Space On Earth by BRAC – Can we find land that Rohingya refugees can call home?

Humanity can only be fostered in a world that cares about being inclusive. Harmony can only be achieved if all our differences are bridged by an innate sense of togetherness. A recent crisis made us face the horrific reality that we are capable of giving up on both the above-mentioned qualities. The year 2015 marked itself as the year of the Rohingya refugees crisis which involved mass migration of people belonging to the Rohingya tribe. The crisis forced them to migrate from Myanmar to Bangladesh and will go down in history as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. A recent campaign by BRAC dubbed Space On Earth has shed light on the sorrows of the children living in the world’s largest refugee camp.

BRAC has rolled out the campaign in collaboration with the Texel Foundation. The digital infomercial for #SpaceOnEarth has been developed by Ogilvy. It portrays a few of the 500,000 children from the Rohingya refugee camp expressing their grief. The video depicts the distraught kids asking for the world to give them a piece of land just to live. The way BRAC takes their message forward puts things into a unique perspective. The digital promo showcases a screen levitating in outer space that plays the recordings of the Rohingya kids.

We feel that BRAC has focused the limelight on a humanitarian concern that needs all our attention. Simply put, #SpaceOnEarth is a campaign that should be addressed by any many people as possible!

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