Stayfree: Project Free Period – A Stigma Turned into a Social Movement

Stayfree is a feminine hygiene brand primarily recognized for making sanitary pads. In the brand’s recent campaign called Project Free Period, Stayfree counters the whole stigma associated with periods with a progressive proposition for sex workers: 3 days of periods = 3 days of learning.

The digital ad for the project created by DDB Mudra Group portrays that women in the sex trade cherish periods as a time off work. Thus, contrary to the dismay women usually express towards periods, sex workers look forward to them.

Stayfree also identifies that it is imperative to provide these women with alternative sources of livelihood to rescue them from the trade. So, to remedy their situation, Stayfree has joined hands with NGO Prerna to organize training workshops in skills like beauty services, henna design, and candle making. The interesting thing about this campaign is that the workshops happen when the sex workers are on their periods.

#DreamsOfProgress #ProjectFreePeriod

The first edition of Project Free Period was a classroom-based instruction in the red light district of Mumbai. But, the brand plans for the subsequent editions to have a wider reach owing to the presence of various social media platforms. As detailed by Stayfree, the goal is to partner with more NGOs on the way, expand the directory of skills taught, and gather an even stronger workforce of educators.

We feel that Project Free Period deserves not only ours but the whole country’s applause and support. It’s a step in the right direction, period.

Brand: Stayfree
Campaign: Project Free Period
Agency: DB Mudra Group
Creative: Rahul Mathew, Shagun Seda, Kapil Tammal, Sharad Das Gupta, Aashna Gopalkrishnan, Faraaz Ansari, Vinay Singh
Account Management: Aditya Kanthy, Rajiv Sabnis, Kim Das, Nikita Tambay, Vinisha P., Megha Jaiswal, Megha Sharma, Qaid Vora
Account Planning: Toru Jhaveri, Sanchari

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