How brands are expressing love. Top 10 ad campaigns of Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine’s Day is no more just “the day of love”. Over the years, perception regarding the expression of romance, the admission of gratitude and even the concept of love has undergone a sea change. It is not incorrect to assume that a significant portion of this change goes to brands banking on Valentine’s Day as a way of popularizing their products and services.

Top 10 ad campaigns of valentine’s 2018

2018 was yet another year where brands in India and all over the world left no stone unturned to woo people. However, newer and more enriching content was seen this time with focus shifting from merely the romantic notion of love to self-worth and happiness as a whole. Campaigns of the World brings to you the top 10 ad campaigns that swayed us this Valentine’s.

OPPO Mobile | #OPPOF5 #CaptrueTheRealYou

Oppo launched a short film for the promotion of its limited Oppo F5 smartphones, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The 13-minute film featuring Aiyyari actors Siddharth Malhotra and Kriti Kharbanda effectively tells the story of a young heartbroken girl finding her dreams and realizing her worth with the help of her smartphone, which is being portrayed by Siddharth himself. The idea is sweet and the execution does justice to their idea of ‘not chasing him but your dreams’.


What better way to accommodate your product variety in the ad except by showing how unique it is? In its latest V-Day campaign titled New Expressions of Love, CaratLane explains the different kind of jewelry designs it offers by linking them with the expectations and wishes women have with their romantic partners. The word play is strong in the ad and it syncs perfectly with the designs being showcased. This one is a fun concept to watch.

Pandora – #DOCelebrate love every day

Possibly one of the most relatable and sweetest ads of the season is the Pandora campaign titled ‘You Know What to Do’. The background monologue talks about how each woman tries to play it cool and forces herself to think that this day of love is not a big deal but deep down, she is expecting a gesture. The ad beautifully captures the concept of compatibility and female psychology while reminding us there is no better way to surprise your special one than with a Pandora.

Tanishq – #LoveRemains

A short film released by Tanishq for the V-Day celebrations is the example of good storytelling mixed with pure intentions. The film captures the first loves of six to seven people from different walks of life and how even if it is not with them now, the effect it has on them will always prevail. The film is shot beautifully, capturing real emotions and leaves you feeling good about the content Tanishq is sharing with us.

Jollibee Food Corps – #KwentongJollibee2018 #BelieveInThePowerOfLove

Jollibee is a Filipino multinational chain of fast food restaurants owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation which has been making storms with their social media campaigns. They released a series of short videos on this Valentine’s covering different aspects of love and expression. Their spot titled “Status” depicts the failures of dating today and sends out a positive message of valuing people who will unconditionally love you instead of doubting your self-worth. Make sure to check out all the videos in the series.

Cadbury Silk #PopYourHeartOut

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has carved out a name for itself as the ultimate gift for loved ones but to celebrate the occasion of V-Day, they went one step ahead to design their chocolates by making them in a way that “pops your heart out”. The ad features a cute couple with Silk’s signature melody in the background, talking and gifting each other the happiness and joy of sharing a Silk.

Manforce – #BeMoreOfAMan

Manforce went the extra mile this time to assume the role of the responsible marketer with their campaign #BeMoreOfAMan. It is natural for couples to get intimate with the atmosphere of Valentine’s surrounding them but this serves as no excuse for a man to evade his responsibility of having safe sex. The ad urges the men out there to not make excuses but be more of a ‘man’ by loving responsibly and respectfully.

Match – Eau Mon Garcon

In a rather weird yet unique campaign, Match, an online dating site, collaborated with a laboratory in Paris to develop scents of men who are on their site and ask women if they would like to go out with them. The experiment which had never been done before captures and gives a whole new meaning to becoming someone’s Valentine. Watch the video to discover more about their marketing gimmick.


One of the most funny campaigns to watch this Valentine’s is Trojan which very sharply displayed how to rightly enjoy your Eve. The visuals are full of innuendos but at the same clever enough to capture the viewer’s attention. This one is sure to set your plans right with your loved one.


Beauty brand, Nykaa, came up with a sweet and short campaign which aimed to attract those who were “Anti-Valentines” this year. The video is a heartwarming conversation between two friends who discuss the perils of dating, being single and finding love. The attempt is warm and relatable which is exactly what a Valentine’s ad should be.

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