Top 5 Ads of 2018

2018 has been off to a great start, especially for brands. From important issues like inclusion and #MeToo taking the center stage to events like Super Bowl and to festivals like Holi- there has been no dearth of opportunities for marketers to advertise creatively. We bring to you the best ads of 2018 so far, all of which have a unique story to tell that is sure to capture your attention.

5 best ads of 2018 | Digital Campaigns

LinkedIn: “In It Together”

The must-have professional app of today, LinkedIn, released its advert during the Golden Globe Awards 2018 in an effort to break the stereotype that their brand only caters to the high end, white-collar job workers and seekers.
The TV spot, released only in select cities of USA, covers the story of unknown yet powerful professionals to show that no matter what the business or area of operation, LinkedIn is “in it”. Their play on honest stories coupled with a monochrome feel gives the TV spot a very authentic feel and to some extent helps them in achieving their objective. With this spot and other varied mediums, LinkedIn has launched its first integrated campaign.

Big Bazaar: #HarrTyoharMeinBigBazaar

Big Bazaar has always followed the legacy of making every Indian festival its own, with their unique yet emotionally appealing adverts. This time, with Holi around the corner, they released yet another ad titled “Ghulenge Khusiyon Ke Rang Hazaar” as a part of their #HarrTyoharMeinBigBazaar campaign.

The ad follows a beautifully crafted song depicting a diversity of people celebrating Holi, while a young girl indulges herself in the festive mood. It is highly effective and well-coordinated with the timing and mood of audiences.

Tinder: Start Something Epic

With possibly the most fun and exciting ad of 2018, Tinder India has delivered gold. The #StartSomethingEpic advert is a highly peppy one which tries to shed the awkwardness related to online dating without acknowledging the issue head on.

The advert showcases a young girl who is on a quest to meet new guys and find the one with which she can have something special, but all this is depicted via a quirky background score and addictive dance moves. The visuals slyly feature the “swipe” of Tinder in when she rejects and accepts guys. This one is sure to get all the attention.

Zee5: This Is How We Talk Raaja

In order to promote their new channel Zee5, the marketer released a two and a half minute anthem-cum-advert titled “This Is How We Talk Raaja”. The main objective of the ad is to tell people that now their entertainment would be available to them in the language they prefer.

The advert is in the form of a music video with the lyrics featuring lines in different Indian languages to stress on inclusivity and diversity. It is hip and in line with the trends.

Tide Super Bowl Commercial

Our list ends with the most talked about ad globally in 2018- the Super Bowl commercial of Tide, starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour.

The advert is downright quirky, in parts illogical but an absolute work of genius. The ad showcases various clichéd ads for generic products featuring Harbour who claims that all these are nothing but Tide ads since they feature “clean clothes”.

The ending is bang on with the line- “If it’s clean, it’s a #TideAd”. This one deserves all the hype it got and is getting.

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