Reebok pop-up gyms – The Gym is Everywhere

JCDecaux Colombia transformed 6 bus shelters in Bogotá and Cali into outdoor gyms for Reebok’s “The Gym is Everywhere” campaign.

Reebok has a communication strategy focused on improving the quality of life through physical activity, a concept that was based for the development of this campaign.

JCDecaux installed gym at the bus stop in Bogota and Cali where people were motivated to stop for a physical training session with the support of professional trainers.

With this campaign Reebok proved that in the city there is a ‘Gym everywhere’. Also it obtained a positive response from pedestrians which was reflected in social networks where they shared photos, videos and reviews of the activity.

Reebok pop-up gyms

Advertising Agency: Bombai, Bogota, Colombia

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