The Health Purse (Sehat Ka Batua) – A unique CSR initiative for self-diagnosis of breast cancer

An Indian multinational car manufacturing company Mahindra Rise has taken an initiative to create awareness amongst women in rural India against the Breast Cancer disease through campaign ‘The Health Purse (Sehat Ka Batua)’. #RiseForGood


The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise in rural India but women are unaware of simple self-examination steps that can detect breast cancer early. These women live in media-dark areas, so conventional media doesn’t reach them. Moreover, culturally these women are not open about such issues. Could we remind them in a way that is discreet and personal, so that checking themselves becomes a habit?


These women have a unique practice – they keep their purses in their blouses to protect their money. Can this habit also protect them from breast cancer? We designed purses with illustrative visuals of women checking themselves – which served as a reminder medium to perform the simple breast self-examination steps given inside.


The purses were distributed during health awareness drives in Madkepada, Belwadi, Kinipada, Katkariwadi, Sutarpada, Warkhanda among other villages in Maharashtra. Women were taught how to perform a breast self-examination at home, before giving them the purses that serve as a reminder. The initiative will be scaled up to reach even more women in media-dark parts of the country.

The Health Purse - Sehat Ka Batua

The Health Purse - Sehat Ka Batua | Breast Cancer Awareness

Advertised brand: Mahindra Rise
Advert title(s): The Health Purse (Sehat Ka Batua)
Advertising Agency: Grey Group India
Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya
Sr. Creative Director: Vivek Bhambhani
Group Creative Director: Shouvik Gupta
Associate Creative Director: Mangesh Kavale
Creative Group Head: Mehul Prajapati
Art Director: Mangesh Kavale
Designer: Mangesh Kavale
Copywriter: Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Vivek Bhambhani, Mehul Prajapati
National Planning Head: Arun Raman
AVP-Planning: Abigail Dias
VP-Account Management: Vineet Singh
Client Services Director: Rana Ghoshal, RC&M Grey
Illustrator: Harshad Khaire, Rashmi Naik Nimbalkar, Avinash Kanse
Photographer: Sandeep Barge
Retouching Artist: Pravin Patil, Rajesh Salodkar, Sanjay Shetye
Editor: Yuvraj Bandi
Animator: Anjory Gor
Artwork: Sandeep Bagayatkar, Vaibhav Bhilare, Hitesh Naik
Product Manufacturer: Satish Ramugude
Print Production: Ramesh Dighe, Before After
Agencey Film Producers: Samir Chadha, Jignya Shedge
Agency Print Producers: Dhananjay Thakur, Prashant Raje, Rahul Ghanate
Film Production: Bowline
Director: Ankit Dahiya
Executive Producer: Pooja Krishnamoorthy
Assistance Director: Cynthia Roli Gupta
DOP: Abhinav Chatterjee, Saumya Joshi, Sagar Palkar
Editor: Anshul Khatri
Singer: Anandmurti Gurumaa
Music composer: Mystica Music

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