Yes, it’s true. #EveryoneOnFlipkart!

#EveryoneOnFlipkart! From Watchman Anna to Constable Sahib to Dolly Mausi to Rastogi Ji, Phew!

The secret is out, and the ones you expected never to be online, forget about shopping online are out there, ready to surprise you. That’s what #EveryoneOnFlipkart campaign, a series of video ads under the same theme aim to establish. One of the ads features Dolly Mausi, a Bengali lady who shares a laugh with her nieces as she solves the problem of choosing a perfect gift for her relatives using her favourite shopping app (flipkart). Another video showcases the everyday life a watchman and his trysts with online shopping! An interesting video in the series is based on a very real conversation amongst friends about online shopping and how it has impacted the neighbourhood retailers.


Like always, all the videos have taken a light-hearted tone to convey the brand message. The growing popularity of online shopping in emerging cities like Lucknow is the best example of how Flipkart is making inroads into India’s tier II and tier III cities. Watch these series of ads and enjoy.

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Rastogiji on Flipkart #EveryoneOnFlipkart

Mausiji on Flipkart #EveryoneOnFlipkart

Constable Sahib on Flipkart #EveryoneOnFlipkart

Watchman Anna on Flipkart #EveryoneOnFlipkart

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