Macmillan Cancer Support: Life with cancer is still life

Macmillan Cancer Support: A dad with cancer is still a dad

This ad is a brilliant case of offering loving care to cancer patients from all around the globe independent of their ethnicity or nationality. Our folks merit our respect and regard for giving us life. Anyone who has cancer is also an individual with family and other responsibilities. They need love and support from around.

One needs to give love, attention, and care to them. #Macmillan very creatively displays it. It breaks the taboo of cancer and shows that their relationships would not change due to this disease. Rather, it can act as a strength for them to fight the battle and win against cancer.

Client: Macmillan
Secteur : Grandes causes
Agence : VCCP
Production : Outsider
Réalisateur : Jim GILCHRIST

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