Orient Electric: Cherish the style of respecting women and festival this Durga Puja

The Orient Electric which is an Indian consumer electrical equipment manufacturing company has unleashed a new video on the giant social media platform where they have tried to wish everyone Happy Durga Puja.

#DurgaPuja #DoALittleGood

What does the video have to say?
1. The video is not just about wishing Durga puja but display the place of women in today’s world.
2. It truly reveals that today, our daughters have become courageous and are taking charge of all most everything and in every field.
3. Most importantly, to make both of these happen, every girl in the video is shown in the same posture where we see Durga in the position taking charge.
4. This, one-minute video on the same side reveals the power of the electrical products of the company that is currently ruling in the every frame of the world.

On the whole, this video is the best compilation of depicting the maturity of the product, wishing its customers and sending a social message as well. For the same, it can be truly said that not just the companies are concerned about their sales but are also concerned about the likes and happenings of the current world. Such efforts not only give a push to sales but also develop a bond between the company and its consumers.

The ad film conceptualised by Contract Advertising
Client: Orient Electric

What do you think about this?

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