UCB – One Faith, an ad campaign that knocks into the most sensitive reality of India

United Colors of Benetton has come up with a very out of the box approach for its new advertisement called One Faith.

It shows two groups of boys with one group dressed up in a Muslim stereotypical attire and the other group dressed in a Hindu Stereotypical attire. They are all shown to walk towards each other with aggression. People around them and even the viewers of the advertisement are made to think that there would be some sort of riot or feud between them. But in the end, they are shown to play cricket in an amicable fashion. Cricket unites them all. It is a United India, united by play.

United Colors of Benetton: #OneFaith #UnitedByPlay

Underlying features of the Ad campaign

● It is not necessary that two different faith will always have an aggressive relationship.
● We need to find ways to unite different faiths.
● Faiths can be different but in the end, they all teach us to live in peace.
● It is time to break all stereotypes.

The advertisement gives us a mirror to look deep inside our cliched outlook and gives us a reality check to our pigeon­hole thinking. It is time for us to come together and stand together against the hate­mongers. It’s time to have an open­minded outlook and not indulge in the same age­old differences amongst different communities. It is time to have mutual respect and agree to disagree sometimes.

Advertising Agency: Terribly Tiny Talkies, Mumbai, India
Director: Karan B. Shetty
Production Company: Fingerprint Films
Producers: Madhukar Kotian, Vijay Carvalho
Copywriter: Kumail Changezi

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