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Periods, though a natural monthly process for all mature girls and women, is often a very strenuous ordeal for them in many parts of the country. Apart from the pain and fatigue experienced by most girls and women, they are also expected to follow stringent norms (read taboos) during their periods.


They are not allowed to step inside the temple or even touch any idol, no entering the kitchen or touching the drinking water or watering the plants, lest they pollute it with the negative energy they are emanating while on their periods. In some families, the menstruating female member is confined to a separate room, ensuring she does not come into contact with anything or anybody in the family. So deeply ingrained is this in our society, that we tend to ignore it and move on.

But women continue to suffer in their ignorance and inaction, while not having the freedom to choose better for themselves. Whisper, the sanitary napkin brand from P&G is out to restore that freedom in ‘Touch the pickle’ – a campaign designed to bust period taboos.


Whisper’s Touch The Pickle campaign, developed by P&G India and BBDO India, has won the Glass Lion Grand Prix at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Announcing the End of Period Taboos | #TouchThePickle

For years, we have been hearing many “Don’ts” during period days.
When you don’t let anything else stop you, why let these taboos hold you back?

My Touch The Pickle Moment

79% chemists themselves wrap sanitary pads in the newspaper!
Watch this video to find out how a girl just like you breaks free from this period taboo.

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