Diwali campaign by HP India, ‘Umeed ka diya’ is making people go emotional and #GoLocal

Diwali is nearing and it’s the time when people get out of their homes or go online to do lots of shopping. So, it’s obvious that brands want to use this period to go all in with their communication strategies and lure their customers to make a purchase. Some brands are choosing direct marketing in their advertisements while some brands are striking a chord with their customers by building an emotional connect. HP’s Diwali campaign, ‘Umeed ka diya’ is one good example of how to make viewers think high of the brand without hard selling the product but subtly asking viewers in the end to #GoLocal. After all, who doesn’t love good stories! HP’s Diwali spot is about a woman who seems to be touting her wares consisting of diyas and other things made of pure mud, but the passers-by just pass by. #TuJashnBan, #GoLocal

As the story unfolds, there’s a background song that plays while the story unfolds, and it becomes evident that many people nowadays consider such things as obsolete and would rather go with more sturdy and reliable items that are not as brittle as mud trinkets. Out of all the people, one little boy sees value in the woman’s work of craftsmanship, but his mother pulls him away with an indifferent shrug. The little boy, however, returns to buy the woman’s diyas and what he later does to help the woman sell all her wares and therefore brighten her Diwali is purely a tear-jerker. #GoLocal truly upholds the fact that small actions go a long way in making a big difference in someone’s life.

Brand: Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Campaign: #TuJashnBan #GoLocal
Agency: Autumn Worldwide

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