Heineken Share the Sofa

Share The Sofa was innovative, a new concept. It was the first ever real-time football show designed for second screen only. The basics of the campaign were this: every week Heineken ran an episode of Share The Sofa, which people could watch on their second screens, and interact with as the game went on. The show was hosted by a variety of football names, including the likes of Ruud Gullit, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Owen Hargreaves, Hernan Crespo and Fernando Morientes. During the show, the hosts commented on the game, made jokes, interacted with fans, and generally entertained, all with Heineken in the background.

What Is Second Screen?

Before you really understand the #ShareTheSofa campaign, you have to understand the concept of the ‘second screen’. Basically, second screen consists of using an additional monitor (most often a smartphone, tablet or phablet) while watching television. The concept means that viewers can use their second screen to interact with what they’re watching, listening to or playing, regardless of whether it’s a video game, movie or television show.

In the case of the Heineken #ShareTheSofa campaign the use of second screen took viewers went from a one-sided viewing experience very much cemented in the analog past, to a multi-dimensional interactive experience that is a part of the digital future.

Campaign: ShareTheSofa
Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
Source: creativeguerrillamarketing

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