Pink Ribbon: Check it Before it’s Removed

DDB Berlin has created a breast cancer awareness campaign meant to be shared, and censored, on social media. Breaking Facebook and Instagram rules by exposing nipples for no apparent reason, the campaign is you sharing the picture on your social media, and your friends will soon see when it’s removed. It’s a pun, for sure, but quite a clever one as it uses the social media platforms algorithms for removing nudity as a point.

Pink Ribbon Germany wants to increase awareness for breast cancer, and to get more women to start checking their breasts regularly. Self-checking doesn’t prevent breast cancer, but it makes you more sensible to your own body, so that changes in your breasts can be detected earlier. When you notice anything unusual, talk to your gynecologist.




Share a picture.

Please take part in their initiative and share one of their pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Being conscious about breast cancer is important. The more people they reach, the more women they teach.

Facts about breast cancer:

Young women can also be affected.
Breast cancer concerns all women. In western countries, breast cancer is the most common and dangerous type of cancer. One in eight women will suffer from it during the course of their lives. Every year 70,000 new cases are reported in Germany alone. Younger women can be affected too. Spotting breast cancer early can play an essential role in the recovery process. Men of all ages can also get breast cancer, though it’s much less common.

Early detection puts the odds on your side.
Breast cancer is in most cases a highly curable disease if detected and treated early. When breast cancer is detected early, the five-year survival rate is 79 percent. The smaller the cancer tumor is when first detected the less likely it is to have spread, and therefore, it is generally easier to treat. Usually that also means that gentler therapeutic methods can be applied.

Why you should self-check regularly.
Most breast cancers are discovered when a woman suspects that something is wrong. That’s why it is important that you get to know your breasts and your body well. When you check your breasts regularly, you get a better understanding of what’s normal for you. Then, in case you would notice something unusual, go straight to your gynaecologist for a second opinion.

Now is the time to take action.Here is your breast self-check tutorial.
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