Father-Son duo on a road trip to Ladakh #ChaloDuniyaChalaye

He’s your childhood hero and a friend in later years. He’s the one who gives you a safe space to vent all your feelings. From your first bike ride to your first bike, he has seen you grow into the man you are today. We are excited to show you our first ad film presenting the story of a father-son duo on a road trip to Ladakh Chalo Duniya Chalaye.

Commenting on the campaign Pulkit Khemka, VP, Pensol states “We are very excited for our very first digital campaign. Pensol is one of the largest independent manufacturers of lubricants in India since the last 50 years & we believe that quality oil on a long bike trip is of utmost importance for your bike. Keeping that in mind we shot in Leh-Ladakh, one of the most famous destinations for bike lovers, portraying the beautiful scenic terrain and love of riding a bike through its valleys”.

Speaking about the same, Mehul Gupta, co-founder and video production head of SoCheers Infotech, added, “The idea behind the story came to us when we realized Pensol has been in lubricants industry for 50 years but never have been spoken about. Through this campaign, we are looking to provide an emotional medium that serves the purpose of harping on the importance of quality engine oil & the number of years Pensol has been around & built trust in the industry. ”

Brand: Pensol Lubricants
Campaign: Chalo Duniya Chalaye
Category: Automotive
Website: https://pensol.com/
Agency: SoCheers Infotech Pvt. Ltd
Agency Head: Mehul Gupta
Creative Director: Jitendra Hirawat
DOP: Saurab Goswami
Lyrics: Gurpreet Saini
Music: Naozad Patel
Director: Mannish Madhav
Production: Royal Cinevision

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