Onboard (inflight) magazines are boring, that’s universally acknowledged. And most people don’t really read them.

TAM Airlines decided to change this behavior by creating The OwnBoard Magazine.
Thanks to a Facebook Connect during the purchase process, such information as likes, preferences, interests, and social activity was turned into customized content to make this magazine different from passenger to passenger.

Each copy is unique, from the cover to the last page. As a result, 100% of passengers decided to take the magazine with them after the flight and the average reading time during the flight increased by 1,200%.

Fabio Teodori, FCB MILAN, Executive Creative Director
Gianluca Belmonte, FCB MILAN, Associate Creative Director / Copywriter
Michele Costante, FCB MILAN, Art Director
Agnese Salvatore, FCB MILAN, Account Manager
Cristina Nardi, FCB MILAN, AV Production Manager
Nicoletta Prada, FCB MILAN, Print Production Manager
Simone Simola, FCB MILAN, Digital Production Manager
Camillo La Rovere, FCB MILAN, Digital Senior Developer
Luca Paulotto, FCB MILAN, Digital Senior Developer
Paolo Gatti, H-Film, Executive Producer
Caterina Sacchi, H-Film, Producer
Riccardo Di Giacomo, H-Film, Director
Riccardo Calamandrei, H-Film, DoP
Marco Spano, H-Film, DoP
Margherita Leofanti, H-Film, Editor

Federico Landini, Parcosuoni, Music Composer

Elisabetta Rocca, EDI, Post Producer
Marco Musso, EDI, VFX Designer

What do you think about this?

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